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A rare British Royal Navy Sea Service flintlock Grenade Launcher by; "WILSON", circa. 1760.  8" multi-stage brass barrel w/(2) Tower proofs and "P" (proofed?) and a "G" stamped on the tang.  Lock marked; "WILSON", "1760" and a "CROWN" over "BROAD ARROW" (Government ownership).  Brass regulation Sea Service pattern furniture.  Stock is missing a piece of wood just above the front of the lock and a ship is missing from both sides of the barrel tang, otherwise, solid w/normal scratches and dings from years of service.  Stock is marked w/a stores keeper mark; a "CROWN" over "BROAD ARROW",  date "1805", a "CROWN" over "P" at the rear of the side plate and "NICKLESS X DAW 1877" is carved in the left side of comb.  24" overall length.  In good working order. 
Ref: See;  BOARDERS AWAY II Firearms of the Age of Fighting Sail.  by, William Gilkerson. c. 1993, pp. 31-40
also see;  BATTLE WEAPONS of the American Revolution.  by, George C. Neumann. c. 1998, pp. 14, 198
                GUNMAKERS OF LONDON 1350-1850.  by, Howard L. Blackmore. c. 1986, p.  204
Note:  This weapon was used in the making of Walt Disney's  PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN 2 (DEAD MANS CHEST) & 3 (AT WORLDS END), a Jerry Bruckheimer production.  A Gore Verbinski film.
Inspiration for a scene in PIRATES 3, Scene; Singapore Stronghold, Battle with East India Trading Co.
Charcter - Marty


(#1. PRIMARY HERO PROP) British Royal Navy Sea Service Flintlock Grenade Launcher Used as Prop in PIRATES II & III#549

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