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Price: $4,250.00
Shipping  $30.00 Per Order

A Good (PAIR) of French Flintlock Rifled Pistols, circa. 1790-1810.  Type purchased by Officers and gentleman. 7", .70 cal. octagon barrels w/multi-micro rifled bores; struck on the left side of breech w/Belgian proof mark; 'ELG' over a 'STAR' in an oval (Liege, Belgium).  Locks are unsigned w/roller frizzen springs.  Both pistols are in original flintlock configuration.  All steel furniture.  Both stocks have fine checkered grips.  One pistol's stock has a period repair to the right side from the front of lock mortise to the muzzle, otherwise both are solid with light scratches and dings from years of handling.  Original steel ram rods.  Both pistols are in good mechanical working order.  These pistols may have seen service in the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars.  13 3/8" overall.


A Good (PAIR) of French Empire Period Flintlock Pistols#2431

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