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Price: $2,450.00
Shipping  $20.00 Per Order
An Antique French Military Model 1763 Flintlock Service Pistol, circa. 1763-1790.  9" .72 cal. round steel barrel w/remnants of the date; '1763' engaved on the tang.  Lock marked; 'Me de Libreville'.  Standard regulation iron furniture.  Stock is solid w/very interesting period decorative carving by owner, scratches and dings from years of service.  In good working order.  16" overall length. 

Note; depending on what reference book is used, ' Libreville' marked pistols are classified as post-Revolutionary War.  However, it is also known but rarely noted that a great many older parts were used/assembled as needed in the production of later weapons.

French Military Model 1763 Flintlock Service Pistol, Libreville#1956

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